Our Amenities

Our mission is enriching people’s lives with pleasant vacation moments and memories. Amenities and special offers are our backup in fulfilling the dream of a perfect holiday for every guest.


“The basic skeleton of a yurt consists of long portion of latticework about 3 meters high that’s then curved until it makes almost a complete circle on top of the land, with just a small gap left for the door. Tied to the top of the latticework are curved poles that bend inward then straighten to create a sort of shallow cone roof. The poles all connect to a piece of round, treated wood that serves both as a sun roof and ventilation hole called a tunduk. (You can see the shape of the tunduk on the Kyrgyz flag.) This whole structure is then covered in felt to help keep out the elements as well as the cold night air of the mountains.”

While the exterior of a yurt is grey, the inside is bright and cheerful. Colorful felt rugs line the walls of the yurt sporting all kinds of beautiful Kyrgyz designs. Inside of the Yurt you will find handmade sleeping mats, sheets, and pillows. Also inside the yurt are beds of different sizes depending on the type of yurt and a chest of drawers for clothes.

  • Wi Fi
  • Conference hall (50 person)
  • Restaurant
  • Open Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Secured Parking
  • Stunning sunrise and sunset
  • Master Classes

Barbeque Place
Rest in the Issyk Kul

Sun lounges

Crystal water beach
  • Open air cinema
  • Modern Bathroom
  • Barbeque Place
  • Hammocks
  • Sun lounges
  • Iron
  • Projector/Screen
  • Crystal water beach

Open Kitchen

Conference hall (50 person)

Master Classes