About Oimo Tash

Oimo Tash Ethno Complex is a unique place located in the ecologically clean area of the Issyk-Kul lake on the south coast near Kaji-Sai village, Kyrgyz Republic.

You probably already have an idea that in the steppe and semi-desert area, in pastoral people of Asia and Africa, wind barriers and tents were transformed into portable dwellings. Thus, in the Kyrgyz Republic, nomad people from the past centuries used yurts as dwellings.

Oimo Tash Ethno Complex offers eco-tourists, explorers, adventure seekers, and researchers of culture and life of nomad people to learn about Kyrgyz Yurts, their structure, atmosphere and experience nomadic life at their own. The main , but in modern comfortable conditions. Modern comfortable living conditions in our yurts are the main difference from the life conditions of our ancestors.

Visiting Oimo Tash,tourists have the opportunity to get closer to the culture of Kyrgyz people and enjoy virgin nature and crystal water of Issyk-Kul lake . We provide yourts of different range equipped with all facilities for a comfortable stay.